Friday, April 17, 2015

The Dog Ate My Homework

I have been suffering through a book for about a week now. I realize that many of you take far longer to read. A friend has been reading my copy of Gone Girl for about a year now and it might be another one before I get it back. As long as she enjoys it, I don’t care how long it takes. Someone else confessed that they have been working on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for almost two years. She asked if she should read the rest of the trilogy when she is finished. I said no only because few books are worth a level of commitment that will equal a decade of reading. In fact, the only one that comes to mine is the Harry Potter series. Sure, fanboys will argue about the Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin, but I think the books are plodding and not much happens – for hundreds of pages. I’m not saying the TV show is better, but I am saying that a lot is required of the reader when it comes to finding out who will eventually sit on the Iron Throne. In my case, I tend to race through books. A “quick” read for me can be devoured in a day. A long, thick book with onion skin pages that number in the hundreds – top is two weeks. Last week, I read four books in seven days.

Which brings me back to my current situation – I don’t like my current book pick. In fact, I sort of hate it. I am struggling to get through pages and find myself skimming whole chapters. That is a terrible thing to do to a book and its author. I firmly believe that you either read a book from cover to cover, or you put it down. However, being that this book is on the official List, I don’t have that option. Instead, I think I’ll put it down for now. I will try again in a month or two. Maybe the book and I are not compatible at this moment in time. Who knows? But the bottom line is that I didn’t read a book this week because I couldn’t read this one. Let’s see what next week brings. 

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